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West Linn is perfect for people who work in the city but want to live in a small community. South of Portland's bustle and across the Willamette River lies a beautiful town with some great shops and restaurants that should not be forgotten. It has the look of a smaller town in Portland, OR, but it has all the amenities and amenities of a larger city, such as restaurants, shops and hotels. There are many affordable hotels, so even if you are in a small town with limited accommodation options, you will be able to stay in one of these hotels at a reasonable price.

West Linn gets a lot of rain during the winter months, so the best time of year to visit is July and August. The paths are fairly protected by trees, which makes it a great place to walk, just bring boots as the paths can get muddy.

These months are perfect if you feel like trying farm fresh produce or a road trip on the 205 highway. West Linn Parks are guaranteed to be fun for the outdoor, whether you're meeting with friends or taking a short trip to Portland. You can hike deep into the woods, hike along the Willamette River, relax with a picnic, have your dog play in one of several off-leash areas, watch local lacrosse and football games, or relax and unwind.

We enjoyed our stay in West Linn a lot, but it is important to find the perfect hotel for you and your family. Centrally located, close to some great shopping, this hotel is perfect for visiting the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. It is just a short drive from the Willamette River and Portland International Airport, so you will find the right accommodations to suit everyone. Nearby is an Econo Lodge in the Southeast, just a few blocks from our hotel in the heart of the city.

West Linn boasts several award-winning wineries, and the area is dominated by the Willamette Valley, one of the most popular wine regions in the United States. In the fall, when you visit in the summer, you will see the leaves and grapes turn into beautiful colors, but in spring it is a great time to visit the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, Oregon State Park or Portland International Airport.

If you're looking for more activities in the area, check out our list of quirky, child-friendly things to do in Portland. If you live in West Linn or the Portland area, try one of these options or visit the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, Oregon State Park or Portland International Airport. You will certainly catch a glimpse of Willamette Valley, a great place to hike, cycle, hike and camp.

Read on to help you decide where to go first, and now you can see why we can't just choose a park in West Linn, Oregon, or even one in Portland. Although we did not list them in a specific order, we did # ve decided how to arrange them, so keep reading.

According to US Census data, Portland is 54% and West Linn 60-70%, but these numbers definitely stand out from the crowd. More cars coming in and out of Portland Metro station costs time and money and makes the day more difficult. About 100,000 vehicles pass through Portland every day, causing more than $1.5 billion in traffic jams annually, according to the Oregon Department of Transportation.

With easy access to the I5 and 205, it is easy to get to almost anywhere in Portland from West Linn. Maybe it's just the schools, but all 10 WestLinn schools rated on greatschools.com get an average grade of 7 out of 10 or better. West - Lintinn RV Rental is the perfect way to experience a thriving community in this great region. More than 80% of Oregon students attend two- and four-year colleges.

I would love to return to Alaska to see more, but I am looking forward to my next adventure, so I will probably have to wait and see.

If you love skiing and winter sports, you can visit the many ski resorts on Hood Mountain, which is about two hours drive from the city. Fields Bridge Park is a must to see the 15-ton meteorite found in West Linn more than 100 years ago. Today the meteorites are visible in the form of a large rock formation, as can be seen from the parking lot of the park.

There is also more information about how the meteorites got into the West Linn Fields, as well as the history of the area.

This tour takes you through meadows that bloom with native flowers in spring, as well as places that offer a beautiful view of Mt. Hood. You will make your way through the West Linn Fields, a beautiful area of grassland, trees and waterfalls.

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More About West Linn