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Portland's suburbs aren't often known for their mental development - the puffing of food, but West Linn is no exception. Most of the 11 neighborhoods are located in quiet, rolling hills overlooking the Willamette River. Many of these parks have access to the Willamettes River and offer a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing and camping. All 11 WestLinn neighborhoods enjoy preserving their historic character while maintaining their modern amenities.

Speaking of the river, Willamette Falls, the largest waterfall in the Northwest United States, is also nearby. The path is fairly sheltered from trees, making it a great place for hiking and cycling (just bring boots - it can get muddy).

In this nature reserve, bird lovers will find a variety of well-known bird species such as owls, falcons and eagles. Although we did not list all the parks in West Linn, Oregon in a specific order, we decided how to classify them. To help you decide where to go first, read on for a list of our 10 most popular places in the state of Oregon.

This park stretches from Willamette Dr. to the Will Amette River and has miles of hiking trails. You can hike deep into the woods, watch lacrosse and football games, relax with a picnic, play with your dog in one of the many running areas or find an easy walk. Located in the heart of West Linn, just blocks from downtown, you can hike, swim or kayak while downstream.

If you live in West Linn or the Portland area, try this one and visit one of the many dog-friendly places, dog parks or dog-friendly restaurants. Whether you're meeting with friends or just want to take a short trip to Portland, WestLinn's parks are a guarantee of outdoor fun. If you're driving on Highway 205, check out the dog walking tour at Willamette River Watering Hole, just blocks from the park.

Mary S. Young Park features a forest area with a variety of hiking trails, picnic tables, a picnic area and a playground. There are many other parks in West Linn, as well as several in the Portland area. Activities include hiking, cycling, fishing, picnicking, canoeing, horse riding, kayaking, mountain biking and much more.

Similar access points are found at the junction of the Willamette and Tualatin rivers, with a total of 22.5 hectares south of the mouth of the TUALatin River into the Willamette River, where it is connected to the river.

With easy access to the I5 and 205, it is easy to get anywhere in Portland from West Linn. In Portland, the best restaurants and bars in the city are operated by the Portland Public Library, Portland State University and the University of Oregon.

The hillsides of West Linn are home to natural beauty and remains of primeval forests. If you're looking for more activities in the area, check out our list of quirky, child-friendly things to do in Portland. Take a jam-packed route to spend a full day in WestLinn Oregon and be accessible via numerous hiking trails and trails.

South of Portland's bustle on the Willamette River is West Linn, a small town in Portland, OR that looks like a smaller town but has some great shops and restaurants that should not be forgotten. Based on a survey of more than 1,000 residents in Oregon and Washington, D.C., WestLinn received a higher-than-average score for its local facilities.

If you look at the median home price to income ratio for West Linn, you will find that it is 4.4, which is higher than Portland's 54%, which is in the 60-70% range, according to US Census data. That number definitely sets WestLinn apart from the pack, and if you're 60 to 70, it's a much higher average than the average for Portland. The median household income of Portland was $397,500 in 2015, while that of the entire state of Oregon was $4,843,000 and just $3,724,800.

Although the city itself is relatively small and many locals commute to Portland for work, you will find only a handful of good jobs in West Linn, but opportunities are also flooding into the city from the greater Portland area. At least it says a lot about the overall quality of life in Westlinn, and not just for the locals.

Today, West Linn is one of the most relaxed suburbs in the entire state of Oregon, and locals love it so much that it has been listed on numerous Best Places to Live lists over the years. If you are interested in moving from Portland or other parts of Portland to West Linn, here is a list of businesses that have moved to Portland and how they are moving households and businesses from their area to WestLinn and surrounding areas to help with relocation.

With a Living Score of 81 out of 100, West Linn is ranked as one of the most livable suburbs in the entire state of Oregon, and the second most relaxed in Oregon.

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More About West Linn