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For dates and times, please visit our website for more information on dates, times and other details about our events and events. J Willy's Public House and Eatery is owned and operated by local business owner and restaurant owner J.Willy Jr. and his family. Known as a family-friendly public house, itbebe offers a wide range of food and drink, as well as live music, food trucks and live entertainment. Watford - 0 - Three is a full service restaurant, bar and restaurant with an eclectic mix of local, local and national food, beverages, beer, wine, craft beer and live music that celebrates the spirit of Oregon.

It is a great place to have lunch with friends and has a full service bar offering a wide range of local, local and national food, drinks, beer, wine, craft beer and live music. This must - try juice bar is the result of Holly and Lisa bringing their education and experience into a healthier reality. Come and get in the mood for this special event for the first time in Westlin, Oregon, at Watford - 0 - Three Restaurant & Bar.

This is the 19th year that West Linn has received national awards from the Arbor Day Foundation, the nation's largest nonprofit dedicated to tree planting. This fantastic non-profit organization offers a wide range of educational programs for children, adults and families who need a tree planting program. The proof of this is the fact that the Tree City USA Community has been recognized as a "Tree City, USA, Community" by the Arbor Day Foundation.

Mary S. Young State Park is a popular place for volunteers in West Linn and provides a quiet place to walk and sit along the Willamette River. Located on Oregon Route 43 on the Willamettes River, which offers beautiful views of the Oregon River and Columbia River Gorge, this hotel is near WestLinn. In addition to the boat moorings, there is a paddling pool, picnic area, playgrounds and a playground for children and adults.

This year, Street of Dreams will feature five beautiful homes worth $3 million to $4 million. Locals will flock to the bustling downtown of Historic Willamette, where a summer farmers market called "Wednesday at the Will amette" is taking place. If you are a musician and want to book a lovely place or a great place to have dinner and have a good view of the Oregon River and Columbia River Gorge, Restaurant Five - O - Three should be on your list of local Oregon places to visit.

Chefs Pascal Chureau and Ian Ragsdale have created some of Oregon's best pizza, as well as a wide selection of local craft beers. Spectator Pizza has a delicious menu of pizza, pizza sandwiches, burgers, salads and more. Known for their generous support of the community, Morrow's staff have been creating beautiful arrangements and flowers since 1979.

Just a few miles from the mouth of the Tualatin and Willamette rivers, there is access to the water and boat moorings in the heart of Westlin, Oregon, just south of downtown Portland. Looking beyond the mighty Will Amette, you notice a pair of stand-up paddle boards and a kayak working in tandem. You can spot the odd otter or elusive sunbathing teenager, not to mention a large number of birds and birds of prey, as well as a variety of fish species.

I love going in and out of Westlin when fans become friends, because I feel like I'm part of the neighborhood right away.

It is also obvious that the community keeps coming back because the food and service is fantastic and the staff at the Five - 0 - Three restaurant are accommodating, guiding and setting up equipment for the sound check from the moment you introduce yourself. They have a room at the back where the musicians perform a little hidden on the ground floor. Normally I stand there and play and enjoy dealing with people, but I managed to do that while sitting at the bar. There is also a great balance between not being overpowering or invading your main dining area.

When you go up and see the big, life-size stained glass windows with Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, you know you're entering a special place. It is easy to forget that this city is just a few blocks from the Oregon State Capitol and you can walk right up to the front door of the building if you go up.

On a summer evening, residents of West Linn enjoy the magnificent views of the Oregon River and the Pacific from their homes. Spend a weekend relaxing by the water, while WestLinn lies at the confluence of two rivers.

Locals also flock to the bustling downtown of Historic Willamette, where there is a farmers market and occasional street dances. Citing the breathtaking views of the Oregon River and the Pacific Ocean, number 69 includes a photo of Central Village and also mentions the historic buildings in the West Linn Historic District and the new WestLinn Community Center.

More About West Linn

More About West Linn