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Portland's suburbs don't often have the head - the food blows, but West Linn is an exception. These 11 WestLinn neighborhoods enjoy some of the best restaurants and bars in the Portland subway area.

Many of these parks have access to the Willamette River, but they have to behave themselves. Speaking of the river, the Will Amatee Falls, the largest waterfall in the Northwest of the United States, are also nearby. It is located at the foot of a horseshoe-shaped basalt ridge in West Linn, where it spills into the Columbia River.

On the slopes of West Linn there are natural beauty and remains of primeval forest. It is accessible via numerous trails and paths and it is fairly protected by trees, which makes it a great place for hiking and cycling, only bring boots as the paths can get muddy.

If you're looking for more activities in the area, check out our list of quirky kids - friendly things to do in Portland. Take a look at our jam-packed itinerary for a full day in West Linn, Oregon.

Find an easy hiking trail, a picnic spot or even a family-friendly picnic on the beach for a fun day.

Today's West Linn, Oregon, was incorporated in 1913, merged with the neighboring town of Willamette in 1916, and received its current name. There was also a small town, Will Amette, which was annexed in 1914 in western Oregon. The city is located on both the Willamette and Tualatin rivers and includes the towns of Westlinn and Toulouse, both along Oregon Route 43 and along the Willamettes River. Located in WestLinn, the Oregon State Park and Recreation Center is located on Oregon Route 43 and the Willamete River and features a large park with a playground, picnic area, swimming pool, playgrounds and other amenities for children.

Today, West Linn is a laid-back suburb of Portland, Oregon, with a population of about 3,000 people. It has the look and feel of a small town in Portland (OR), but it has a more modern feel than most other small towns in the region.

If you live in West Linn or the Portland area, try it or visit one of the many local parks, such as Clackamas State Park. It is a very convenient park, and nearby highways such as the Portland Freeway are relatively easy to reach from places in Clacksamas. If you live in East Portland and expect to commute to Portland, you can drive about 12 miles to the big city, but if you are already here, you might want to visit one or more of these places.

Now you can see why I can't just pick one or two parks in West Linn, Oregon, but a whole bunch of them. Although I did not list them in a specific order, I decided how to rank them, so read on to help you decide where to go first.

If you live in Portland, the road from downtown PDX will be disgusting, but if you can afford the prices there and get a job within a reasonable distance, then there is a family place in West Linn, and there are not only family places in Oregon, but all over the USA. If not, your question probably does not concern WestLinn, because there could be jobs there or you might not even live there.

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No 1 Other Business is a fire department-listed company located in the West Linn Fire District (Fire Station # 1) or Clackamas County Sheriff's Office. 2 and 3 are in the Oregon Department of Health and Human Services (ODHHS) fire chief's office. The practice is also located on the second floor of a building at 2 and 3 East Main Streets.

If you're wondering why it's a little more expensive here, you might also wonder why the West Linn neighborhood has been repeatedly named one of Oregon's safest cities.

Locals love it, and West Linn has been listed on numerous "Best Places to Live" lists over the years. In 2011, WestLinn was one of Oregon's top 10 cities. Since then, it has been listed several times in the "Top 10 Best Place to Live in Oregon" list and has been included in numerous Best Places to Live lists throughout the year. And in 2011 she was a finalist for the Best - Place - On - Life Top 10 ranking of the National Association of Cities.

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More About West Linn